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Foreclosure Defense

Aggressive Maryland Attorney Helps You Fight Foreclosure Experienced Consumer Protection & Civil Litigation Lawyer Represents Maryland Homeowners

Since 1982, I have provided fierce advocacy for clients facing litigation. Beginning in 2009 I expanded the practice to include foreclosure defense in Maryland. Recognizing the stress and anxiety that comes when your home is at risk, I move quickly in building the foreclosure defense case. I review every aspect of the loan case to determine legitimacy of the action, the presence of mistakes by the lender, licensing issues, and violation of federal or state law. As an experienced litigation attorney, I never back down when my client’s home is on the line. No matter how challenging the situation might seem, I develop a plan to attempt to resolve the matter successfully.

Formidable Foreclosure Defense for Clients in Maryland Individualized Attention

The Law Office of Gerald Solomon is known for its personalized, individualized attention. We care about your needs, and our whole defense process is hands-on. Our customer support line is constantly available for your questions and concerns.

Out of the Box Strategy

One of the factors which have ensured our reputation growth is our unique, out of the box strategic approach. We will explore all aspects of the case in order to raise its chance of success.

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Client Reviews
“Mr. Solomon is an excellent Attorney on many fronts. I am not just referring to his knowledge of Jurisprudence, but unlike many attorneys he has a genuineness about him that is evident from the first meeting – he really feels your pain, he is patient and he gets it, and I believe this is what shapes and influences they way he works for his clients. I never felt that I was just a “case” to Mr. Solomon. I always felt that Mr. Solomon treated me and everything that he did knowing, having that full understanding of the impact it could have on my life, and as such he always gave his everything. Mr. Solomon works with passion, energy and spirit. He does not compromise his clients, he represents and fights for their best interest. Unlike some attorneys he doesn’t take the easy way out”. David
“Mr. Solomon was a life saver. He walked us through our process, answered all questions completely. And made sure I understood all of our options. I would highly recommend him to anyone.“ Anonymous