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The Law Office of Gerald Solomon, P.A. (LOGS) is a boutique law firm handling litigation. Litigating is the process of gathering information about filing or defending a claim. Litigation runs the gambit of every aspect of the law. However LOGS limits its litigation to:

  • Foreclosure defense
  • Suits against lending institution for breach of consumer law
  • Breach of contract cases
  • Interesting, unusual cases where the client is the underdog or is fighting a corporate conglomerate.

Litigation starts with the first phone call. Litigation draws upon the skill of communication, whether it is with the court, opposing counsel, or the client. Litigation also encompasses the strategy for handling the case including spotting strengths and weaknesses of your client’s case.

The Importance of Professional Experience

An attorney’s life cycle starts in law school, which is composed of three years of mind reformation. Law school teaches you two main things: a general body of the law and how to think like a lawyer. Law school does not teach you how to deal with your clients, how to find the courthouse, how to interact with opposing and friendly counsel, and how to approach a judge’s law clerk or the court clerk. The majority of law school graduates have never seen the inside of a courtroom.

I have several rules that I follow as a lawyer. Rule 2 is to never underestimate the ability of opposing counsel. Applying this to a newly minted attorney, do not underestimate him or her. Law school embeds a desire to win. Law school teaches you the adversarial system. A good newly minted attorney has a desire to win even the simplest case or motion. Remember Rule 2.

When faced with a newly minted attorney, I try to develop a dialogue to learn more about this attorney. When did the attorney graduate? How many jobs have the attorney worked? What have they done in those jobs? I am less concerned about a new attorney from a top law firm than I am from an attorney from a small office. The attorney from a top law firm has generally spent the first three years working 100-hour weeks reviewing depositions or writing briefs. The attorney from a small firm has been in court and has gained some experience.

Experience has the benefit of facing many situations similar to what may be anticipated in a particular case. When experience includes attitude, the attorney benefits from prior cases and includes the willingness to gain new knowledge, benefit from past mistakes, and convey confidence in you from your clients.

About me, Gerald Solomon

Whether defending a foreclosure, suing a bank, or litigating a breach of contract case, I strive to deliver the highest level of legal service. As a result, I have earned an AV® Preeminent™ Peer Review Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®. This is a recognition of my ethical standards and professional ability (pre-eminent) by colleagues familiar with my work. My clients have also found they can trust me for the following reasons:

  • Individualized attention — For more than three decades I have provided my clients with resolute, hands-on attention while I fight to advocate my client’s rights. My goal is to ease the emotional burden facing my clients by working closely with them at every stage of their case.
  • Established reputation — Throughout Maryland, clients and colleagues alike have come to respect my skill and tenacity in foreclosure defense, suits against lenders and servicers, and civil litigation.
  • Skilled litigator — I draw upon 38 years of experience fighting for my client’s rights in the courtroom. I challenge the claims of banks and other lenders in tireless advocacy to help keep my clients with their most important emotional and financial investment, their home.
  • The key to successful litigation is a carefully planned strategy. I can help you determine the best approach for a positive outcome by reviewing every aspect of your case.
  • Spotting the weakness of your case. The biggest mistake that I encounter is clients who do not know their goals. The second biggest mistake that a client makes is not getting an honest evaluation on those goals.
Client Reviews
“Mr. Solomon is an excellent Attorney on many fronts. I am not just referring to his knowledge of Jurisprudence, but unlike many attorneys he has a genuineness about him that is evident from the first meeting – he really feels your pain, he is patient and he gets it, and I believe this is what shapes and influences they way he works for his clients. I never felt that I was just a “case” to Mr. Solomon. I always felt that Mr. Solomon treated me and everything that he did knowing, having that full understanding of the impact it could have on my life, and as such he always gave his everything. Mr. Solomon works with passion, energy and spirit. He does not compromise his clients, he represents and fights for their best interest. Unlike some attorneys he doesn’t take the easy way out”. David
“Mr. Solomon was a life saver. He walked us through our process, answered all questions completely. And made sure I understood all of our options. I would highly recommend him to anyone.“ Anonymous