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Consumer Protection

Any consumer protection lawsuit arising out of a foreclosure has the elements of “Foreclosure Defense and Covid 19 Foreclosure” as a pre-requisite. There are other elements. Are you an attractive plaintiff (someone who will evoke sympathy from the court or jury. Someone with whom the jury can identify)? Someone who has not paid their mortgage in ten years is not an attractive plaintiff. What are the damages? Are there damages significant? The bottom line is the actual bottom line – namely damages.

Client Reviews
“Mr. Solomon is an excellent Attorney on many fronts. I am not just referring to his knowledge of Jurisprudence, but unlike many attorneys he has a genuineness about him that is evident from the first meeting – he really feels your pain, he is patient and he gets it, and I believe this is what shapes and influences they way he works for his clients. I never felt that I was just a “case” to Mr. Solomon. I always felt that Mr. Solomon treated me and everything that he did knowing, having that full understanding of the impact it could have on my life, and as such he always gave his everything. Mr. Solomon works with passion, energy and spirit. He does not compromise his clients, he represents and fights for their best interest. Unlike some attorneys he doesn’t take the easy way out”. David
“Mr. Solomon was a life saver. He walked us through our process, answered all questions completely. And made sure I understood all of our options. I would highly recommend him to anyone.“ Anonymous