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ClosedI wrote a blog on March 25, 2020 titled Maryland Stops Foreclosures and Evictions, due to Covid-19. The topic of that blog was, should you take any proactive steps if you fear that you will not be able to meet your mortgage payments? For many, the question of what to do if you Maryland mortgage was due and you were looking for options. My answer was to wait a week, and I would follow-up. My answer has now changed with regard to federally backed mortgages. See Should I Agree to a Forbearance Agreement, click here. See also, No Lump Sum at the End of Forbearance by clicking here.

Your Maryland mortgage was due and you can’t pay your mortgage.

Since the March blog, Congress passed, and the President signed, the CARES ACT. The CARES ACT is not a document that anyone can easily understand. Since the March blog there are options if your Maryland mortgage was due and you cannot pay mortgage because of the Covid-19 virus. You do have options if your loan is federally backed.

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